Enabling responsible energy consumption: COUNT Group

The COUNT Group, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, is an international commodity trading group in the Energy and Renewables Markets. The Group aims to be an agent of change in the transition to a sustainable industry by giving their customers and partners access to more sustainable energy solutions. This is how COUNT is helping to empower their partners in making responsible choices. From Norway to the United States, COUNT strives to impact the petrochemical industry and the planet positively.

The Group is spread across three separate entities:

  • COUNT Energy Trading
  • COUNT Energy Distribution
  • COUNT Westgass

Count Energy Trading
COUNT Energy Trading is a competitive international trader for primary petrochemicals, offering a customer-oriented all-inclusive pallet of services.

Count Energy Distribution
COUNT Energy Distribution is a complete-logistics service provider, facilitating and distributing a comprehensive portfolio of chemicals worldwide.

COUNT Westgass, an independent merchant, specialises in supplying and distributing Norwegian natural gas to British and European markets.