Safe, sustainable and affordable transfers at sea: Safeway

Safeway is part of the Van Aalst Group and a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies. The Van Aalst Group is a manufacturer and operator of motion-compensated offshore access systems (Safeway) designed to transfer personnel and cargo safely and efficiently from an offshore vessel to a structure. 

Their design incorporates distinguished technologies such as the roller-compensated mast, Zero Impact Bumpering mode and vertical elevation capability. Due to its innovative nature, Safeway believes the gangway solutions will be a game changer in offshore oil, gas, wind, and renewable resources.

Additionally, Safeway incorporates sustainable practices in its design, making it a more environmentally friendlier solution to other alternatives: 

  • Safeway’s gangway has a 35% reduction in power consumption compared to benchmark motion-compensated gangways. 
  • When using Safeway’s solution, a vessel will need less fuel, potentially saving up to 30-40%, compared to alternative solutions when driving the propellers to keep their position. 
  • Due to Safeway’s more extensive telescoping range of 25% compared to alternative solutions, the vessel can move at a greater distance when connected to an offshore structure, which leads to a significant vessel fuel reduction.
  • Safeway commits to the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy and ensures that their gangways are equipped with a circular passport that showcases the raw materials used in the solutions and how they can be recycled. 
  • Safeway’s hydraulic unit is electrically driven, but the power pack can be delivered with bio-degradable oil upon request. 
  • Safeway is ISO 14001 certified and accredited by the independent third-party Bureau Veritas—demonstrating that Safeway is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact where feasible.

Safeway stands to provide Safe, Sustainable and Affordable Transfers at Sea and will continue to develop bespoke solutions to deliver on its mission. 

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