Robotic solutions for extreme environments: ExRobotics

ExRobotics, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, specialises in robotic solutions for explosive environments. ExR-1 is the world’s first robot for safety inspections in potentially explosive environments.

The ExR-1 is a robot designed explicitly for periodic and ad hoc safety inspections of unmanned and/or remote installations in the oil, chemical and gas industry. The robot can be easily controlled remotely via 4G or 5G or operate autonomously in potentially explosive, onshore and offshore environments. Based on location- and task-specific requirements, the modular ExR-1 can be equipped with various features such as hearing, sight and smell sensors, automatic charging and autonomous navigation. The benefits of deploying the ExR robot include safety, data collection and enrichment and cost advantages over conventional inspections, which are carried out by sending people on-site.

ExRobotics specialises in robotics solutions for potentially explosive environments. They were founded in 2017 by ImProvia B.V. Both founders are experts in Ex robots and, among other things, developed the Sensabot robot for the North Caspian Operating Company in collaboration with Shell. Based on the knowledge and expertise gained, the intelligent, flexible and cost-efficient ExR-1 robot was developed and patented, suitable for inspecting unmanned remote oil and gas fields under extreme conditions.

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