The science of measurement: VSL 

VSL is the national metrology institute of the Netherlands and a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies. VSL traces global measurement results directly to international standards. 

Metrology is known as the science of measurement, its readings and errors. And on behalf of the Dutch government, VSL manages and develops primary measurement standards and reference material. These measurement standards are the first link in the reliability of every measurement in science, industry and fair trade, among others. VSL also participates in research projects to develop new and improved measurement methods. 

It is imperative for international trade that we all measure with the same standards worldwide. This is especially crucial, as, for example, without metrology, a bolt produced in one country could never fit a nut that has been manufactured in another. Therefore, since 1960, the SI unit system (Système Internationale), or metric system, has been the official basis for measurements to ensure that nationally and internationally, we all use the same standards. 

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