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Empowering Human Progress

A change of era comes with complex challenges, vastly more than in an era of change. But it is precisely this new era that will offer numerous possibilities for innovation, partnerships and growth. If we embrace change, we can entangle the pathway towards a new sustainable and profitable reality. 

What we do

We embrace change as the foundation of progress to stay relevant, unique and competitive and with a sustainable future. That is what we call: Empowering Human Progress.

Led by the vision of founder and driving force Peter Goedvolk, First Dutch, as a family of companies, enables progress and advancement by supporting its customers in their transition to a new era of business. At the same time, we encourage the development of sustainable innovations that can transform, enhance, and make the world a better place.

We deploy our resources and expertise to overcome complex social, technological and environmental challenges. We operate in various industries: energy, health and technology. But what unites us is the shared purpose that underlies all our activities. We empower human progress while creating a sustained, positive impact on society that contributes toward a prosperous future for generations to come.



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Our activities

First Dutch operates in three markets, each with its own specialization, but what underpins all our activities is the goal of promoting a better future for all.

Delivering on our purpose

We enable progress by continuously improving our offerings. We respond to new opportunities, innovations and trends while providing the solutions that are needed in a rapidly changing world. By fostering synergies within First Dutch and in our network, we can create intelligent route-to-markets and accelerate the connection of companies, customers and partners across the value chain. Additionally, we are not only investing in solutions that are needed today, but we are also scaling up our investments in future-proof solutions to seize opportunities for sustainable growth and progress.

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Key figures

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Our impact

Our entrepreneurial nature drives us to constantly look for opportunities and partnerships that help grow our presence. Today, First Dutch’s activities are distributed globally. From our family office in Rotterdam, we are always in search of new ways to expand our activities and enlarge the scale of our impact.
Updated per November 14th, 2022

Our corporate responsibility

Since our inception, First Dutch has always encouraged positive, responsible change. We pledge to use our resources and expertise to innovate as a force of good. We believe sustained growth is the only way to be a successful, future-proof company. By helping our companies, partners and customers contribute to a better future, we commit to enhancing the well-being of our employees and of the communities in which we operate.

Our partnerships

No single player or solution can forge the path to a sustainable future alone. We believe we can only shape a sustainable future by working together with driven and innovative partners who share the same passion as we do.
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Working at First Dutch

First Dutch offers numerous opportunities for our employees to grow and develop themselves. We are always looking for entrepreneurial and passionate people who are as committed as we are to making a better, more sustainable future a reality.
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First Dutch Foundation

With the First Dutch foundation, we are committed to supporting the work of charitable and community organisations on a mission to enhance quality of life.

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