New European Centre for Flow Measurement

National Measurement Institute VSL has driven the first stake into its new ‘European Centre for Flow Measurement’ at the Rotterdam Maasvlakte. The facility, with a flow rate six times greater than VSL’s existing facility in Dordrecht, will enable highly accurate calibrations across a broader range of liquid meters.

Calibrations are becoming more critical and must be performed with ever higher accuracy as the scarcity of fluids increases, such as access to clean and safe drinking water. Construction of the new European flow measurement centre is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022P.

Fabienne van Booma, Managing Director at VSL, opened the festive ceremony at the Maasvlakte in the presence of a limited number of invited guests and spoke of a milestone for VSL and the industry in general: ‘Innovation is not possible without science-based measurement standards. With the realisation of the European Centre for Flow Measurement, VSL reaffirms its leading position in metrology. Moreover, we are making an important contribution to further strengthening the innovation power of the Netherlands’.