VSL Opens New European Center for Flow Measurement in Rotterdam

VSL, a member of First Dutch’s family of companies, has achieved a significant milestone by opening its new European Center for Flow Measurement on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte on March 28, 2023. This impressive new facility will help meet the growing demand for calibrating large flow meters, with national and international meter manufacturers and meters already used in the field able to take advantage of this new facility.

One of the main benefits of VSL’s new European Center for Flow Measurement is that it will allow for even more accurate calibration and testing of large industrial flow meters. As testing and calibrating flow meters have become increasingly important, the center will help VSL meet an international need and carry out these tasks with greater precision. Additionally, the new facility will play a vital role in measuring liquids that are becoming more expensive or scarcer, such as clean and safe drinking water. It will also meet the demand for new types of flow meters that are in demand due to the search for more sustainable fuels; in doing so, VSL contributes to the energy transition and ensures that they remain at the forefront of calibration services.

The new facility has a six times larger flow rate than VSL’s existing Dordrecht facility, allowing for precise calibrations and tests with a broader range of flow meters using modern technology. In addition, with the new European Center for Flow Measurement, VSL can continue to guarantee independent and traceable calibrations.

We are proud of our partners and congratulate them on opening their new facility! With the European Center for Flow Measurement, VSL is poised to continue providing top-notch calibration services to its clients, helping to ensure that they remain at the forefront of their industries.

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