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To meet the energy needs of our customers in the maritime, industrial and logistics sectors, our energy division offers a wide range of energy products and services.


The future of energy

Energy is essential to our everyday life and has contributed greatly to social development and economic growth. Yet, we also know that our current energy usage and consumption must change radically to reduce our impact on the environment and counteract the effects of climate change.

Playing our role in enabling a sustainable energy future

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges the world currently faces. This demands that we switch from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources. In the coming decades, we must provide new solutions that meet the increasing demand for more sustainable energy sources. To deliver this, we all must take responsibility and work collaboratively to enable the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

First Dutch is actively working with its partners and customers to offer low-carbon energy solutions while proactively working to enable a sustainable energy future.

Learn more about our activities in energy

Natural gas is key to reform our global energy system: Count Westgass

When it comes to tackling climate change, two things are clear: our global energy system…

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Bespoke Bunkering Supply Solutions: WeRefuel

WeRefuel, a partner of the First Dutch family of companies, specialises in providing niche bunkering…

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Setting the standard for environmental friendly waste management: Nature Group 

Nature Group, part of Burando Maritime Services and partner of the First Dutch family of…

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Powering 6,500 households: Clean Energie Nederland

In 2018, Peter Goedvolk and Ralph van Hof, owner of Key Valuation Partners, started a…

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Local specialist in supplying bunker fuels: Trefoil 

Trefoil, a partner of First Dutch’s family of companies, is an independent physical bunker fuel…

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One-Stop-Ship: Burando Maritime Services 

Burando Maritime Services has been around for 40 years in the port of Rotterdam and…

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Leading Global Port Agency: S5 Agency World 

S5 Agency World is a partner of the First Dutch family of companies. S5 is a…

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The circular port: Martens Cleaning

Martens Cleaning, part of Burando Maritime Services, a partner of the First Dutch family of…

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Dealing with dust: Wuvio

Dust can be a complex challenge in numerous industrial environments. Dust can originate from various…

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Safe, sustainable and affordable transfers at sea: Safeway

Safeway is part of the Van Aalst Group and a partner of the First Dutch family of…

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Simplified & paperless cargo inspection: CargoSnap 

Founded in 2017, CargoSnap is a partner of the First Dutch family of companies and…

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Serving the marine market with reliable, sustainable power systems: EST-FLOATTECH

One of the most promising solutions enabling the energy transition within the maritime sector are…

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Enabling a safer industrial environment: TAGPOINT

TAGPOINT is a partner of the First Dutch family of companies and aspires to create a…

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Sailing without fouling to reduce environmental impact: Fleet Cleaner 

Fleet Cleaner, a partner of the First Dutch family of companies, uses robot technology for safe…

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Working safely with magnetic anchors: McNetiq

Since 2007, McNetiq B.V., a partner of the First Dutch family of companies, has been working…

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Experts in tank construction: Verwater 

Partner of the First Dutch family of companies, Verwater is a highly experienced partner in…

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Robotic solutions for extreme environments: ExRobotics

ExRobotics, a partner of the First Dutch family of companies, specialises in robotic solutions for…

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A European network for LNG: Rolande 

The transport market is in transformation. We know that transport can and must be more…

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