Serving the marine market with reliable, sustainable power systems: EST-FLOATTECH

One of the most promising solutions enabling the energy transition within the maritime sector are high-performing battery systems.

EST-Floattech, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, is a Dutch technology company that develops and supplies energy storage systems for fully electric and hybrid maritime applications as well as land-based mobile applications.

Established in 2009, EST-Floattech strives to enable a cleaner shipping industry. Their Energy Storage Systems are implemented in fully electric ships, in powerful hybrid applications combined with diesel engines, and can also be combined with hydrogen technology. 

The lithium-ion batteries used in the battery systems of EST-Floattech are recyclable and even reusable. They strive to work with their partners to reuse their batteries or regenerate the raw materials so that these materials can be repurposed to produce new batteries. The batteries of EST-Floattech have an operational lifespan of 10 years. Still, EST-Floattech goes above and beyond to help leverage the systems to their full potential so the batteries are well-spent. Moreover, they help give the batteries a second life. For example, when the batteries have become unsuitable for their original purpose but are still functional, EST-Floattech helps to repurpose them for applications that need less power, like PV/ solar panels. Making that EST-Floattech not only contributes to enabling a cleaner shipping industry but also committing to incorporating more sustainable ways of working where possible.

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