Improve risk management when working with hazardous substances: Costana

Working safely with hazardous substances is a challenge. Cosanta, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, supports companies with practical tools, training and advice in executing compliant substance policies. Companies are obliged to minimise the risks involved in working with hazardous substances. Cosanta helps companies to identify, prioritise, evaluate and draw up an action plan or control plan for their operations in a well-structured manner. Cosanta’s online tool, Stoffenmanager®, translates laws and regulations into concrete measures and is constantly updated with the latest insights and regulations.

Legislative and regulatory changes in the workplace and within product compositions demand ongoing monitoring of the hazardous substances policy. Over 30,000 users use the tool worldwide to manage risk when working with hazardous substances. In addition, companies can use the Workplace Instruction Cards (WIKs) and information videos to educate their employees about the health risks of the substances they work with.

Stoffenmanager® is accepted by the Inspectorate SZW as a method to quantitatively carry out and control the risks of working with hazardous substances. Substance Manager® is recognised by ECHA (REACH) and recommended in the REACH Guidance, the European regulation on the production and trade of chemicals.

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