Boosting innovations in healthcare: NLC Health

To improve well-being, quality of life and health, First Dutch is committed to boosting innovations in healthcare. NLC helps medical inventions to turn their ideas into a venture and is active in the earliest stages of medical start-ups, including matching the inventor with an experienced entrepreneur. NLC was founded to improve access to and quality of healthcare. Because only 5% of medical novelties reach the market resulting that 95% of these innovations never become accessible to patients. At the same time, these could be the solutions that could radically change and improve people’s lives.

The NLC team looks for promising medical inventions and technologies to build them into viable health-tech ventures.

NLC has established a strong network of medical, technical, and business specialists to assess the ventures’ innovations. They also work with entrepreneurs and advisers to assist these ventures during their most challenging growth phases. They then match the ventures with investors who are willing to take the risk to invest in early start-ups. This is how NLC helps bring medical innovations to market that could transform lives for the better.

In 2021, First Dutch partnered with NLC and agreed that the First Dutch team would not only invest but also make a commitment to welcome early-stage start-ups into its family of companies. This commitment allows NLC to free up budget earlier to support new ventures and solutions.