Local specialist in supplying bunker fuels: Trefoil 

Trefoil, a partner of First Dutch’s Family of Companies, is an independent physical bunker fuel supplier. Since Trefoil started in 1982, they have always been able to secure a top 5 position in the supply of Marine Fuels in the ARA-Region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp). Next to Bunkering Fuels, Trefoil also resells Marine Fuels for third parties. Trefoil has a pro-active culture providing solutions through knowledge and experience. When ordering your bunkers with Trefoil, they do not only take care of the bunkers ordered, but they also handle local custom declaration, VAT and other excise duties. With over 35 years of experience, Trefoil bears in-depth knowledge of operations and local regulatory considerations. In addition, they are a proud member of Burando Maritime Service, which leads that Trefoil is mainly bunkering with barges owned within the group.

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