Simplified & paperless cargo inspection: CargoSnap 

CargoSnap is a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, founded in 2017 and offers a user-friendly online platform to collect and capture real-life information about cargo. Furthermore, the platform enables the information to be shared easily with any stakeholders involved in the cargo transport process. 

With the use of CargoSnap, the visual status of cargo can be digitally captured, viewed, and shared at several moments during transit. In addition, the platform’s reporting capabilities provide transparency and proof of the condition of the cargo, which helps reduce potential damage claims.

CargoSnap can easily be integrated within any warehouse and terminal software and customises workflows to suit their partner’s business needs. Compared to the traditional process of obtaining information about your cargo, CargoSnap prevents hefty paperwork while offering a solution to have all information readily available in one place. 

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