Enabling a safer industrial environment: TAGPOINT

TAGPOINT is a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, aspiring to create a world without industrial accidents through its advanced training concept. 

They believe that having safety knowledge about safety does not automatically lead to safe behaviour. Therefore, Tag point is focused on making that blind spot visible and changing behaviour so that companies not only know about safety procedures but also act according to high-quality safety standards. 

Tag point is the first online safety training programme targeting behavioural change. Their interactive training programme improves risk recognition resulting in proven safer behaviour. Greater safety awareness among employees means improved safety in the industrial workplace and can contribute to an improved company reputation. 

The e-learning modules of Tagpoint are attractive and insightful through their interactive game elements, questions, pictures, graphics, videos, and exercises. Equally, employers have direct access to the system to monitor the progress of their employees’ safety awareness at any time. 

Driving actual safety awareness is about something other than solely passing a test about someone’s safety knowledge every few years or so. To truly work safely, adopting and driving a safety culture from the heart of a company’s ways of working is essential. Traditionally, after incidents in the industry occur, a retrospective assessment is made to determine whether work was done safely and responsibly. However, Tag point’s behaviour program aims to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place by helping to drive behavioural change that enables employees to work safely and responsibly per default. 

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