Dealing with dust: Wuvio

Dust can be a complex challenge in numerous industrial environments. Dust can originate from various sources, including storage and transport of coal, iron ore, waste, construction & demolition and other bulk goods, which can cause unwanted effects within a working environment while having a negative environmental impact. 

Wuvio, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, helps companies across the globe to help to combat dust to improve and maintain the vitality of their work environment. They do this with innovative proprietary additives developed in-house to combat dust. In addition, by using innovative mixtures of chemicals, they help create optimal working conditions for their partners. 

Wuvio was established in 2007 with one sole mission to enable “a clean and healthy environment for all.” They believe dealing with dust problems in significant industries can be simplified, cost-effective and sustainable through their bespoke solutions. 

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