Reliable protection against chemical hazards: ProQares

ProQares, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, they tests materials, such as clothing and respiratory protection, to ensure reliable protection against chemical hazards. This helps to enable military personnel and personnel in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others, to work safely.

ProQares tests the protective properties of clothing and respiratory protection against chemical attacks in its advanced laboratories. They conduct their tests with real-life chemicals while also being able to examine the exposure effects to heat, flames and the effectiveness of decontamination in their testing.

ProQares is the first non-US laboratory to be able to perform the Smartman test, a widely demanded test procedure for gas masks. An anatomically shaped dummy head simulates breathing. Then, sensors at the eyes, nose and mouth are used to check whether a mask provides proper protection against mustard gas and sarin.

Some chemicals are lethal for people, while others could be lifesaving. Therefore, the tests of ProQares additionally ensure that ‘good’ chemicals are not absorbed in specific equipment. An example is cytostatics – these are used in cancer treatment to stop accelerated cell division. During the treatment, doctors are obliged to wear special gloves, but it is required that the material of these gloves does not allow cytostatics to pass through, which is also something that the tests conducted by ProQares could ensure. 

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