Best-in-class solutions for the automation of sorting processes: Prime Vision 

Prime Vision, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, is a global leader in computer vision integration and robotics for e-commerce and logistics. An award-winning company, Prime Vision designs and integrates solutions using the latest recognition, identification and robotics technologies to optimise the automation of sorting processes.

Through extensive automation and customised solutions, Prime Vision enables companies to maximise operational efficiency and operational benefits. Automatic (hand) writing recognition on envelopes and parcels, identification of barcodes and written text on goods in a warehouse, and automatic reading of labels on baggage items are just a few examples of Prime Vision’s core technology.

Prime Vision’s highly skilled experts constantly seek ways to advance logistical business processes. Designing and developing best-in-class solutions to guide time-conscious companies around the world to automate sorting processes is what Prime Vision stands for. Driven by the rapidly changing digital world, Prime Vision combines computer vision and robotics to help expand efficiency.

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