Two children walk in a field at sunset. The image symbolises the importance of human connection and the need to preserve natural spaces to ensure that they remain accessible to all for generations to come. It also represents the importance of promoting sustainable practices that enable us to enjoy nature without causing harm to the environment.


Through our work with the First Dutch Foundation, we support and contribute to the communities in which we operate. We support (local) charitable organisations by stimulating voluntary work and social projects. Our foundation currently provides its support to the following causes:

The Royal Dutch Rescue Society (De Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij ‘KNRM’)

Since 1824, The Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) has been devoted to helping people in need at sea. Voluntary rescuers and lifeboats are available twenty-four hours a day for emergency and non-emergency assistance. The KNRM is an independent, self-financed organisation sustained through donations, gifts, and legacies.

The Robert Kalkman Foundation

Robert Kalkman was a promising young footballer who played in the national team of the Netherlands along with Marco van Basten. His career came to a sudden end when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Fortunately, through experimental surgery, the doctors were able to replace the affected bone with an inward prosthesis, but he would never be able to play football again. One of the doctors advised that he start playing golf to remain physically active, which marked a tipping point for Robert as he found a new passion in the sport. It was this personal experience that later inspired him to establish the Robert Kalkman Foundation. The foundation aims to help children that are going through a similar experience. Through the donations the foundation receives, The Robert Kalkman Foundation provides free clinics, golf weekends and indoor clinics for the children and their immediate families.

Friends of Sophia Foundation

Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s hospital takes care of the most vulnerable patients: children. The Friends of Sophia Foundation mobilises resources to research the cause of diseases while developing new treatment methods for children.

DON Foundation

Over 120,000 people in the Netherlands are confronted with the effects of type 1 diabetes every day, without the prospect that the disease may be completely cured. Most research and investments today are funding research focused on care rather than cure, but the DON Foundation has decided to change that. Sixteen years ago, the foundation was founded with the single purpose of curing type 1 diabetes. With the funding, the foundation supports renowned laboratories worldwide and facilitates fundamental and clinical research. Every donation to the DON Foundation invests in novel and ground-breaking research conducted by world-class researchers to help cure type 1 diabetes.

Erasmus MC Foundation

The Erasmus MC Foundation is the supporting fund for the Erasmus MC. It was established to facilitate concrete projects at Erasmus MC to benefit the care of patients.

Summer school program by CHIO Rotterdam

A summer school program (Werken als een Paard) initiated by CHIO Rotterdam focuses on organising activities for children in focus areas of Rotterdam.

Theatre Walhalla

Walhalla wants to surprise people and offer them new insights. The theatre organisation realises its vision by using its stage for professional arts and talent development classes for teenagers.

Resource Library

On our Foundations’ resource library,  you can access the resources related to our activities within the First Dutch Foundation. Our collection will grow as we add new materials over time.

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