About us

Peter Goedvolk, former owner and founder of Argos Oil, got involved with First Dutch in 2014. Together with First Dutch’s partners, it was quickly decided that he would jointly lead the company towards the future to accelerate the development of innovative ventures and bring impactful solutions to the market.

Our services

We use our resources and expertise to provide mentoring, funding and networking opportunities to our family of companies, supporting them in bringing their ideas to life and scaling their businesses. By fostering the sustainable growth of our companies, we enable them to amplify their impact while we help drive positive change through their offerings.

With a team of in-house specialists, we offer a wide range of supporting services in the areas of:

  • Strategy
  • Finance & Operations
  • Legal & Risk
  • Tax
  • Sustainability
  • Human Resources
  • ICT & Cyber Security
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Innovation
  • Marketing & Communications

Our activities

First Dutch operates in three markets, each with its own specialization, but what underpins all our activities is our promotion of a better future for all.

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Our story

The story of First Dutch is a story of innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. Founder Peter Goedvolk started out in the energy industry as a young entrepreneur in 1984. From its beginnings in Hoekse Waard, his company grew into the international energy company Argos Energies, a frontrunner in renewable energy. The company constructed a large-scale biodiesel plant, has been involved in generating CO2-neutral electricity in Germany and was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to blend 5% ethanol with biodiesel at its service stations. This pioneering work in biofuels was recognised in 2006, when Peter was named Port Man of the Year. Well ahead of its time, Peter’s investment was ultimately unsuccessful and was written off, though it proved to be a sign-on to the future. His unprecedented belief and confidence laid the foundation for First Dutch’s family of companies, aimed at making intelligent solutions accessible to all and assisting businesses to scale up sustainably and efficiently.


Shortly after, a unique opportunity arose to bring the business portfolio of the renowned knowledge institute TNO under the wings of First Dutch. This allowed First Dutch to expand its activities into health and technology markets, marking the start of First Dutch as a family of companies.

Our heritage

Guided by Peter Goedvolk’s vision, First Dutch stands for forward movement in a constantly changing world. Discover the complete history of First Dutch and Peter Goedvolk’s entrepreneurial story in our timeline below.