Sailing without fouling to reduce environmental impact: Fleet Cleaner 

Fleet Cleaner, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, uses safe and sustainable robot technology for safe and sustainable cleaning and inspecting ship hulls during loading and unloading in ports. 

The self-developed robots of Fleet Cleaner clean the hulls of ocean-going vessels of accumulated algae and other debris. As a result, the ship’s hull can be cleaned safely during unloading and loading in a port while avoiding any downtime. 

Fleet Cleaner believes in a world where ships sail without fouling. As fouling on ship hulls increases fuel consumption and causes harmful emissions, making the global impact on the economy and the environment enormous. Fleet Cleaner aims to reduce these impacts to zero by offering hull cleaning services to ships worldwide shortly before departure.

The robot developed by Fleet Cleaner attaches itself to the ship’s hull using magnets. It uses high-pressure water jets to remove the fouled algae and other debris below and above the waterline. The removed fouling is vacuumed and collected for further environmentally friendly disposal. Fleet Cleaner was awarded the 2018 Maritime Innovation Award in the Netherlands.

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