Ensuring construction safety by harnessing the power of technology: DIANA FEA 

DIANA FEA, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, has developed software to ensure the safety of the structures of buildings, bridges and more. Commercial organisations, research institutes and universities worldwide are constructing based on this multifunctional finite element analysis software.

Diana FEA is the company behind the best Finite Element software in the world. Its advanced modelling and calculation functionality has already been used for calculations on the most advanced and extensive structures. Moreover, the software can not only be leveraged during and after construction but is also a powerful tool that can help guarantee the stability of the construction when it becomes of age or when an expansion is desired. 

A construction must remain upright in all weather conditions. Therefore, the software can analyse the force deflection under extreme conditions, including fire or earthquakes. The software programme is primarily aimed at civil, geotechnical and petroleum engineering but can also be used for other applications.

Top engineers and software developers continuously work on new finite element analysis software options. The software includes comprehensive material models, element libraries and analytical models based on the most advanced techniques in the field of Finite Element Analysis. For example, the more recently developed pre/post processor provides high-quality modelling features, allowing users to build complex models swiftly and precisely.

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