Peter Goedvolk was named Chairman of the Rotterdam Maritime Board

Peter Goedvolk has been appointed by the Rotterdam Board as chairman of the Rotterdam Maritime Board. The Rotterdam Maritime Board is an independent advisory board for Rotterdam and the region consisting of 40 prominent leaders from the maritime industry, knowledge institutions and industry associations who are joining forces to strengthen the Rotterdam maritime cluster.

Peter Goedvolk will succeed Mai Elmar, who was the Board’s technical chairman since the Rotterdam Maritime Board’s inception in 2017. With the appointment of Peter Goedvolk, the Rotterdam Maritime Board starts a new phase as a connecting network in Rotterdam and the region. The Rotterdam Maritime Board was established through an initiative by the City of Rotterdam in consultation with the Province of South Holland, Drechtsteden and captains of industry of its regional maritime cluster. With their knowledge and experience, they provide solicited and unsolicited advice to regional boards about the maritime future of the city, port and region. The Rotterdam Maritime Board has been set for the 2022-2025 period.

Alderman Roos Vermeij: ‘The Rotterdam city council is happy with the continuation of the Rotterdam Maritime Board and the appointment of Peter Goedvolk as its chairman. As an entrepreneur and administrator, Peter will bring a wealth of experience. This is very valuable to the further development of the Rotterdam Maritime Board as the driver of collaboration within the maritime sector’.

The Rotterdam Maritime Board was initiated with the purpose of strengthening the business, knowledge and innovation climate for the maritime cluster in the Rotterdam region by providing solutions to economic and societal challenges. The board fulfils an ambassadorial function for Rotterdam as Europe’s maritime capital and connects parties: entrepreneurs, investors, knowledge institutions and governments.

Peter Goedvolk: ‘I thank my predecessor Mai Elmar for the strong foundation that was established. A very clear joint effort has emerged to put our maritime region firmly on the map as a united front and work towards the long-term development of our city, port and region. I look ahead to chairing the Rotterdam Maritime Board with great pleasure’.

9 May 2022 | Peter Goedvolk appointed Chairman of the Rotterdam Maritime Board

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