Global player in fire safety and sciences: Efectis

Efectis, a partner of the First Dutch Family of Companies, performs fire safety testing of materials. As a European leader in fire testing, inspection, certification and fire safety engineering, Efectis provides results and advice concerning safe environments.

In its state-of-the-art facilities, Efectis carries out fire tests on behalf of construction companies, building product manufacturers, the shipping industry, defence, energy producers and ministries, among others. This ranges from small-scale tests to determine the fire class of materials to fire resistance tests for constructions. Efectis also develops fire scenarios. For example, how will a fire develop in a room? How quickly can the fire spread to other rooms? And how does the construction withstand?

The roughly 2,500 fire tests a year that Efectis carries out provide a test result or accreditation and an understanding of the construction and material performance during a fire. With this knowledge, experienced specialists can ‘read’ the course of a fire. With this, Efectis supports forensic fire origin investigations, among other things. In addition, Efectis employees regularly act as advisers, arbitrators or expert witnesses.

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