Van Uden

Start of the renovation of the Van Uden Building  

After a grand renovation, First Dutch has unveiled plans to move into the renowned Van Uden Building in Rotterdam. The building holds a rich history and is renowned for its character and maritime entrepreneurship. The Van Uden brothers, hailing from Brabant, originally commissioned the construction of the building. They arrived in Rotterdam in 1848 and started a shipping enterprise focusing on domestic transportation. Director J. van ‘t Hoff steered the company to success in the twentieth century within the bustling Port of Rotterdam. The historical significance of the building as well as the Veerhaven area served as a milestone in Rotterdam’s growth as a prominent international harbour. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Van Uden brothers, Peter Goedvolk is enthusiastic about the historic charm of the building and the Veerhaven, which played a pivotal role in Rotterdam’s emergence as a global port. With his family of companies, First Dutch, he is resolute in making substantial progress in this century while building upon this solid foundation.

Lisette Goedvolk and interior architect Judith van Mourik will oversee the renovation of the Van Uden Building. They will meticulously preserve the original architectural style designed by Roos & Overreijnder in 1904 while carefully restoring all historical details to honour Rotterdam’s cultural heritage.

We are delighted to announce that we will closely monitor the renovation process and keep you updated on the progress on this webpage. We encourage you to visit us frequently to follow along and witness the remarkable transformation unfolding before your very eyes.