For a sustainable world, we need radically new ideas, a different perspective on the use of technological possibilities, and guts. Young companies are brimming with energy to come up with solutions for this disruptive era. We help this type of company take the next step, scale up, develop and create jobs.

When I started as an entrepreneur myself 35 years ago, I wanted to establish a healthy and strong company, and it had to become a big company. Just starting from a raw passion, without knowing where it would lead, gave me a huge kick. This drive ultimately grew into a company with sales of $20 billion in 2013. In the meantime, my attention was being increasingly drawn towards sustainability. From the ‘old economy’ in which I operated, it became clear to me that we had entered a new era. In our drive to realising a sustainable future, we started working, for example, on developing biofuels. Of course, such developments are important, but I felt it was taking too long. I sold my shares and started First Dutch: a new step in my life as an entrepreneur.



Young companies are looking at society and its possibilities in a whole new way. I can see the drive. It’s fantastic to see how new technologies are being developed and used to build a sustainable business and to shape the new world. First Dutch helps companies with potential to take the next step. We expect entrepreneurship from CEOs and their companies, with a focus on sustainability and the power of innovation. We support them with practical knowledge, experience and a large network.

First Dutch consists of both large and small companies with strong, independent CEOs, who are making their business a success in their own way. Entrepreneurship is about trial and error. Personally, I like to contribute by sharing my experiences as an entrepreneur, about what works, but also about what doesn’t work, and how you deal with that sense of disappointment and frustration. The strength of a business comes from the personal conviction of the CEO and, of course, good entrepreneurship. Our team is ready to help put the structures and prerequisites in order, and we provide the necessary investments to help the business grow successfully.

I put all my energy into First Dutch, into growing it further with responsible, innovative companies based in the Netherlands. We focus on enhancing the value of technologies while at the same time stimulating employment and social responsibility. In short, a we’re large company working with individual entrepreneurs to take significant steps towards realising a sustainable world.


Peter Goedvolk

Rotterdam, January 2020