environmental stability and social prosperity

First Dutch is lead by and according to the vision of Peter Goedvolk with the aim of fostering environmental stability and social prosperity within our industries.

Our organisation and all of companies operate according to agreed sustainability standards and go the extra mile to achieve our internal goals. Since the beginning of this millennium, we have invested tens of millions of Euros in innovations and companies that are contributing to a more sustainable future.

Environmental Responsibility

First Dutch organisations follow the internationally agreed environmental policies, and promote their own projects to meet the stakeholders’ demands for sustainable operational management.

Our Policy

Social Responsibility, people and their health and happiness is our priority! We ensure our companies conduct the operations ethically and contribute to improving the lives of our stakeholders.

Over the years, we have invested in sustainable and socially responsible businesses and developments. We believe this is the way forward, and support our companies in implementing these principles in all aspects of their business.

Code of Conduct

As required by the highest standards of HSSE, we take full responsibility for ensuring company compliance with:


  • The established business ethics
  • Amicable employee relationships
  • Human rights
  • Society
  • The environment
  • Health & safety

Sustainability in action

COUNT team is committed to making a measurable and positive impact. Both through its business actions as well as individually.

COUNT defines sustainability through the guidelines of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

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The main objective of First Dutch Innovations is to stimulate innovation and employment in the Netherlands. Through our businesses we promote the development of multiple sustainable initiatives in the sectors of energy, life sciences and technology.

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The Rotterdam Port Fund (RPF) is passionate about contributing to the developments of companies that focus on sustainability, durability and technology. RPF invests in fast-growing companies whose aim is to be a part of the transition to the port of the future.

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