First Dutch helps innovative and sustainable companies with impact investments that will make their business a success in the new world in which we operate.

A business that has proven itself on a smaller scale, or mature companies that want to take a new step: these are the kind of organisations we offer the space to grow into a company with impact.

If necessary, we can provide the funds required, but more is needed to make a business a success. Our team is ready to give support where needed, including in the areas of HRM, marketing and finance.


Our approach

Successful growth requires more than capital. We look for strong entrepreneurship and offer it the space in which to realise its potential. Experienced entrepreneurs from our various companies are on hand to help and inspire. First Dutch helps put the necessary structures in place to enable a company to develop and offers a network in which the business and the entrepreneur can grow. This enables the company to stay focused on its core business.

Impact investing

We believe that innovative companies play an important role in realising a sustainable world. Sustainable in social terms; sustainable through fair trade; sustainable through the smart and responsible use of raw materials; and sustainable as a long-term business. Click here for more information about our policy.

We focus on disruptive innovations related to the following markets:

  • Energy transition
  • Health care
  • Supply chain


Energy transition In order to meet the terms of the Paris Agreement, the Dutch government in its Energy Agreement decided to ban the use of fossil fuels such as gas and coal, as well as nuclear energy. The aim is that by 2050 the Netherlands will solely use fully sustainable and 100% green energy sources such as solar energy, wind, biomass and water. First Dutch has decades of experience and has invested many tens of millions of euros in the sustainable energy sector. We see innovations as an essential part of successfully completing this transition. The COVID-19 crisis has shown that reduced carbon emissions have a direct influence on the global air quality.


Health care is undergoing major changes. As a result of the ageing population, the number of people with single diseases or complex combinations of diseases will increase. Young people are experiencing greater psychological pressures that are impacting their mental health. Technological developments and innovation in healthcare can help society cope with such changes. This is why First Dutch believes that encouraging innovations in healthcare is of great social importance, irrespective of whether these innovations are linked to its own companies or not. The COVID-19 crisis has shown that healthcare and the availability of protective materials and preventative medicines is not a global but a local matter.


Supply chain After the COVID-19 crisis, everything will be different, possibly even permanently. This also applies to logistics chains. Whereas until recently, the globalisation of the supply chain was a frequent topic of discussion, the debate is now focussed towards a more local approach. First Dutch and its companies operate not only on a global scale, but also locally. The combination of highly experienced teams and innovative thinkers, is safeguarding a smooth transition in the supply chain industry. The COVID-19 crisis has shown that further globalisation presents a significant risk to public health.

Ready for the future?

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