Location: Rotterdam Metropolitan
Projects: Small-scale, short-term
Focus charities: Health, children

First Dutch Foundation is an organisation aimed at fostering public health and happiness of children in Rotterdam.

Our founders

President Lisette Goedvolk-Cossee
Treasurer Luciano la Paglia
Secretary Marlene Goedvolk

Since 2008, the Dutch Tax Administration has been able to define an institution as being a ‘Public Benefit Organisation’ (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). In order to be eligible for ANBI status, at least 90% of the efforts of the organisation must be committed to the public benefit. Since 2012, a ‘cultural ANBI’ organisation has been able to take advantage of even greater Dutch tax benefits. First Dutch Foundation has applied for Cultural ANBI status.

Our investment policy

The First Dutch Foundation is an ANBI organization and follows the following investment principles.

  • Over 90% of the organisation’s efforts are focused on the public benefit
  • The organisation has an up-to-date policy plan
  • The organisation has a non-profit objective and the organisation’s assets remain limited to what is necessary for it to carry out its work
  • The organisation and the individuals directly involved in it meet the integrity requirements of ANBI status
  • The organisation’s costs are in reasonable proportion to its expenditure
  • Its equity is limited
  • The organisation meets the specific administrative obligations
  • Directors and policymakers do not have a majority control over the assets of the organisation
  • The directors’ remuneration is restricted to an expenses allowance or a minimum attendance fee
  • Funds remaining after the dissolution of the organisation will be allocated to a general good objective identical to the organisation’s own objective.

It is my duty as a businessman to do something for the community

Peter Goedvolk

Our foundation currently supports

Rotterdam Sporticonen honours Rotterdam’s sport heroes and uses the strength of the city’s sporting heritage to promote good health among the young people of Rotterdam, in particular children from vulnerable target groups. The charity also works to stimulate social cohesion across the city.

Youth theater Hofplein is the home for theatre productions by and for children and young people in Rotterdam.

The Erasmus MC Thorax Center is a Center of Excellence for Cardiology, Pulmonary Medicine and Cardiothoracic Surgery. Decreasing government budgets and strict regulations for financing by the pharmaceutical industry have made private support necessary. Established in 2012, Erasmus MC Thorax Foundation raises funds that are dedicated entirely to research in this field.

Dutch CAA Foundation is committed to increasing awareness of the non-hereditary brain disease CAA, nationally and internationally, and to raising money for research.

Werken als een paard (Work Like a Horse) has started as a Summer School for children who live in Rotterdam’s challenging neighborhoods. After the success of the first pilot, we have expanded our range of activities with projects for ‘After school’, ‘Special education’ and ‘Scientific research’.

Benefits for kids (bforyou foundation) provides mentoring programmes for children and teenagers in Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maassluis.

Walhalla wants to surprise people and offer them new insights. It connects creators and audiences in its efforts to be a catalyst for renewal and innovation in Rotterdam in general but in particular in the Katendrecht district of the city. The theatrical organisation realises its vision exploiting its stage for professional art and workshops for talent development.

The Kid Dynamite Jazz Festival is named after the Suriname-Katendrecht musician and tenor saxophonist Arthur Parisius, who was known as Kid Dynamite. It is working to expand the festival in the future and develop it into the Rotterdam open-air jazz festival for parents/guardians and their children.