Verwater SJR Group

Verwater SJR Group is a global contractor in industrial and petrochemical installations, specialised in tank maintenance and construction.

Tank maintenance

Verwater SJR Group is an expert in tank maintenance, replacing, repairing and coating tank bottoms, walls and roofs as well as maintaining valves and electronics. With premises in six countries for the world’s largest storage terminals, the company applies the latest technologies, including automatic welding and hydro cutting. With its jacking techniques, Verwater SJR Group can offer full tank maintenance, including the building and renovation of tank foundations, certified soil sanitation services and infrastructure.

Advanced jacking techniques

Verwater’s proven jacking technology for roofs is used all over the world. Full maintenance is enabled by jacking conical roofs, floating roofs, piping and piping racks. Verwater can even relocate complete tanks using mobile cranes, platform trailers and water transport. In jacking complete tanks, Verwater specialises in maintenance to foundations and tank bottoms.

Tank construction

Verwater is a highly experienced partner in tank construction projects. Whether for small or large tanks up to 120,000 m3, the experienced engineering teams company guide clients from the first idea to the final handover. Additionally, for the design and construction of tank pits and related infrastructure, Verwater is a highly respected partner known for its innovative design solutions that comply with every industry standard.


Tank storage is perfectly suited to automation. The Engineering & Automation department of Verwater is known for its extensive knowledge and experience. Verwater offers consultancy from engineering automation, Distributed Control Systems and batch control to tank terminal automation and instrumentation. As an independent panel builder, Verwater Panel Building supplies all the requisite systems, from small operation panels, low voltage dividers and skids to operation panels and data cabinets for large projects.

Employees: 1000
In business since: 1922

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