Storegear is a leader in mobile e-fulfilment solutions. Storegear uses advanced software to help online retailers fulfil the high expectations of consumers and keep costs down.

E-fulfilment optimised

Fast e-fulfilment, or the complete processing of orders from a webshop, is a major trump card for webshops. Storegear has made it possible to “order in the morning, deliver in the afternoon” by processing this process with a high level of efficiency. Storegear supplies these more advanced systems for paperless order-picking. The orders are collected from different channels before being sent to and sorted at the right location via the shortest route.

Well-conceived route planning

Apart from the essential software, Storegear also supplies smart software to save time and costs in delivering orders. The route management system constantly recalculates the expected arrival times on the basis of the actual position of the delivery vans. This is an indispensable link in the same day delivery chain. The journeys from the different channels are collected and the route optimised. Via the app the drivers receive up-to-date information for efficient deliveries.

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