Icamat (Sold)

Icamat produces high-precision CNC milling and turning work in small and medium-large series at its very automated plant.

Flexible availability

With a floor area of 3,500 square metres and 30 robotised 30 CNC machines, Icamat has 24/7 availability and thus more than 100,000 hours of annual production capacity. Optimum and precise repetitive cycle times can be guaranteed by the company’s own advanced ERP system and the robots. Quality control measurements are performed constantly throughout production. Initial partial measurements, process monitoring and end-product measurements ensure that Icamat achieves the highest quality.

Inventory management

The high capacity enables Icamat to offer fast delivery schedules, which is a key factor nowadays when time equates to money. Not only does the inventory management that Icamat provides to its customers reduce costs due to the possibility to produce in higher runs but it also guarantees fast delivery.

Employees: 50
In business since: 1986

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