Clean Energie Nederland

Wind energy generated by wind turbines is a sustainable source of energy in the Netherlands. Since the country is often windy, we can use wind turbines to generate energy from nature in a responsible way.

Development wind farm

This is why Peter Goedvolk of COUNT Companies (part of First Dutch) and Ralph van Hof, owner of Key Valuation Partners, got into sustainable wind energy in 2018. They got built three wind turbines on the Sloehaven in Vlissingen, in the south-west of the Netherlands.

Thanks to years of experience in wind energy, Ralph van Hof can be considered an expert in the field of wind farms. Ralph has an extensive track-record in developing wind farms and making them profitable: “Wind energy alone is not enough, but it is a considerable step in the right direction. We won’t make it with wind energy alone. That is why we should focus on a smart combination of sustainable energy sources”.

Sustainable and responsible business practices are in the DNA of COUNT Companies, which is done, amongst others, by developing sustainability initiatives, such as converting animal fats into fuel and creating less harmful energy sources. Wind energy fits perfectly in their objective of sustainable and responsible business.

Wind turbines

The wind turbines are located in the port area of the Sloehaven near Vlissingen. This is a favourable wind area; one of the best wind locations on the mainland of the Netherlands. The wind turbines, type E70, have been developed for the strong wind we encounter in the Netherlands. The wind turbines are a 100 meters high and equipped with 71 meter long blades.

6,500 households

The combined capacity of the wind turbines is 6.3 Megawatts. This is enough to supply approximately 6,500 households with energy and save 10,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.